Homeowner Reference Guide


If you are experiencing any of the following challenges or notifications below, you should conduct a Soft Reset by following the directions.
  • 8-button wall switch has alternating red & blue flashing lights
  • Door is stopping short
  • Door is not moving
  • LED Touchscreen displays “System Error”
8-button keypad red light notifications:
  • 1 Blink = Door Unlocked or Open (Action) Close door or press Close button
  • 2 Blinks = Eyeball/Beam Sensors blocked (Action) Remove obstruction or Call Us!
  • 3 Blinks = Encoder/Over-currenting Issue (Action) Call Us!
  • 4 Blinks = Motion Sensor Issue or shorted wires (Action) Call Us!
  • 5 Blinks = Potential Battery Issue. Allow 24 hours to pass with system programmed for verification (Action) If 24 hours passed while being programmed, Call Us!

Soft Reset Directions

If you have an 8-Button Keypad:
  1. Press the Unlock button
  2. Manually Close the door
  3. Press & Hold down the Stop button, until rapid flashing lights appear, then release the button
  4. Immediately Press the Close button then release
If you have an LED Touchscreen:
  1. Press the Unlock button
  2. Manually Close the door
  3. Scroll over to “Features Page”, Press < or > on the bottom of the screen
  4. Press & Hold the “System Reset” button until the button turns green
  5. Reset is complete

For any other challenges, Please call us at 480-500-5468 or email us at info@SummitAutomation.com