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Summit Automation provides the best door and window automation systems in the world and exceptional Customer care. To fit your lifestyle and needs, our solutions are offered in a variety of configurations, as shown below.
Our multi-slide and pivot systems are designed for the homeowners modern lifestyle and can be operated efficiently with:

  • Buttons
  • Smart motion sensors
  • Tamper-proof security code-operated boxes
  • Secure phone apps
pocketing doors diagram
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Stacking Doors

stacking doors diagram

Pocketing Doors

pocketing doors diagram

Pivoting Doors

pivoting doors diagram

Pivoting Doors

pivoting doors diagram

Bi-Parting Doors

bi parting doors diagram

90-Degree Cornerless 1

90 degree corner-less doors diagram

90-Degree Cornerless 2

90 degree cornerless doors diagram number 2

90-Degree Cornerless 3

90 degree cornerless fully open diagram

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