The most reputable window and door manufacturers choose our motorized automation systems for their products, more than any other solution available on the market. Our precision automated systems are ‘ETL Listed’ and ‘UL325 Compliant’, allowing architects to safely specify our systems at the beginning of the project. Builders who want only the best automation and features like flexible adjustable speed technology (FAST/+) (also known as variable speed technology or VST), to perform a fast open or quick open, not to mention state of the art controls for the doors and windows they install, turn to us.

No other company can compare to the quality, reliability, and Customer care of Summit Automation.



The Sierra motor is our newest motor and moves up to 3 operable panels (depending on weight). This motor has the slimmest profile of all of our current motors.




The Peak is our flagship motor moving a majority of the systems we automate. With 81 lbs of torque, we’re moving 6 to 8  panels depending on panel size and manufacturer.


The Everest is our largest motor at 150 lbs of torque moving massive heavy door panels. The Everest is designed to move door systems that are very heavy, very long, with an unlimited amount of panels. Before Everest, any very long and heavy door system would require two motors as a bi-part, not anymore!

Inverted or K2

When there is limited space behind either side of the door system (no stud bay or possibly only a glass curtainwall), all of our motors can be mounted as Inverted (upside down) or as K2 (horizontally mounted with an aerospace-rated precision automated gear box). Both Inverted and K2 can hold an incredibly tight tolerance with numerous extension shafts allowing motors to be placed immediately above the door or up in the rafters without worrying about shaft flexing.






The FMS is our retrofit configuration motor suitable for all three motors (Sierra, Peak, & Everest) and is perfect for concrete or post to post construction. If there’s no room for the motor the FMS bolts directly onto the backjamb and is the perfect solution to any limited space installation issues.


The Apex is for corner-less 90-degree door systems or unequal bi-parting doors. Basically, the Apex configuration works with all of our motor (Sierra, Peak, & Everest) systems and couples two motors together with a communication cable between control boxes to coordinate the open and close operations. Our motors can move an unlimited number of panels per side on a 90 degree or unequal bi-parting system.


The Pivot motor is our elegant solution to moving all types of pivot doors for both Interior and Exterior applications.

Pivot Motor

The Pivot motor system can be mounted in two different configurations: It can be mounted above the door header, or within the head track of the door. This provides solutions for multiple Pivot door configurations and applications, making it a versatile solution with multiple options for elegance.

Control Options

Flexible Adjustable Speed Technology (FAST/+)

Our much-anticipated latest software that allows all our motor systems to enjoy a quick open feature thanks to our variable speed technology (VST) solution and allows for the motor to slow down as it picks up the next panel for a smooth but quick opening. In case you didn’t know, all motors have the variable speed technology capability, however, it takes an expert to utilize this feature without causing harm to doors, homes, or persons. Summit is the UL 325 certified door automation system supplier in North America and is ETL Listed.

Summit Door Controller App

The Bluetooth Chip mounted on the motor accepts commands from our Summit Door Controller app (on Google Play and IOS App store) and can control multiple automation systems using your smartphone or tablet.

Voice Command Module (VCM)

The Voice Command Module (VCM) allows users to program and operate their automated doors by simply speaking to their Google Home, Alexa, ECHO, ECHO DOT devices while creating routines to enjoy your door systems to the fullest:

  • Requires download of device APP (Google Home, Alexa)
  • 1 VCM per motor
  • Connects to the Home Automation Port on Summit Automation Control Box
  • Programming instructions are provided, and programming assistance is available via Summit
Summit - 9-In-1

9-in-1 Touchscreen

  • 2.5″ wide by 3.5″ high
  • 90% LED Glass
  • Speed Controls
  • Timer Functions
  • Custom Backlight
  • Security Enabled
  • Camo Mode (Hidden)
  • Proximity Sensor

Wall Switch Kits

The wall switch kit comes standard with every system to open, close, stop, and unlock your doors, with only the push of a button. It can also enable and disable our self-close & auto-open as well as FAST/+ speed control features and may be 4 digit security code enabled. Wall switch kits are available in black or white and both wired and wireless options.  We also just released our 6-in-1 wall switch option that provides timer functions for our features, as well as a proximity sensor for handsfree opening.

Remote Fob Kits

The Remote FOB gives you ultimate convenience whether you’re inside or outside. With a 75-foot range, the Remote FOB gives you total system control.

Wave Motion Sensor

Our Wave Motion Sensor is the perfect hands-free solution allowing you to open the door without even pressing a button. To operate your precision automated system simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and the door will automatically open with an adjustable sensitivity.

Control Box

This is the brains behind every Summit Motor, and allows us to offer features like FAST/+ or quick open by utilizing our variable speed technology (VST). At merely 7.5” x 7.5” x 4.5”, it gives installers flexibility to install within the pocket or up to 100 ft away from the motor in the data/AV/mechanical closet. The control box includes standard a lithium-ion battery back-up and plugs into a dedicated 15-amp standard 110v outlet while being compatible with all major home automation systems.

Head Track Motion Sensor (Wired/Wireless)

The Head Track Motion Sensor (T1) is an exterior motion sensor that is mounted center of the lead panel in track 2 with a customizable directional beam sensor cover. This sensor provides the end user the option of a hands-free entry, as well as a secondary safety feature.

Hidden Flush Mount Motion Sensor (Wired/Wireless)

The Hidden Flush Mount Motion Sensor (H1) is an interior motion sensor that is flush mounted within the soffit with a customizable directional beam sensor cover. This sensor provides the end user the option of a hands-free entry, as well as a secondary safety feature.

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