Look Who Co-Starred in This Quarter’s Update Video!

We’re not just talking about the interesting fellow appearing with PJ – we’re talking about our MMRs too! PJ was on location in Park City, Utah for a very special installation project you’ll read about below with one of our Master Manufacturing Representatives. Each one of our dozens of MMRs worldwide has participated in training at Summit Automation’s headquarters, located in Arizona, where our products are designed and manufactured. In addition to MMRs, we have hundreds of installers – some working under an MMR – who have also learned about our automation solutions, so they have the knowledge required for installation and service. Without MMRs, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

Speaking of our Master Manufacturing Representatives, we had our conference this past quarter! Thanks to everyone who was involved in this very successful event, especially our MMRs for coming out to our beautiful state and attending. It was a wonderful opportunity for training, getting to know each other better, and creating a community for our MMRs.

Interested in becoming an MMR or a Certified Installer? Do you have a question about our automation solutions? Just give us a call at (480) 500-5468 or contact us through our website.

Goldener Hirsch Hotel’s Automated Doors

At Park City, Utah’s luxury Goldener Hirsch Hotel, we installed a dual pivot door system that opens into a vestibule. We worked with MMRs there to complete the project. It was very interesting because the doors were really large and extremely heavy, and goes down as “the first of its kind” project! Summit came up with the ultra-high torque pivot needed to move these doors. We also offer a high-torque option for similar doors. Our customer is so happy with the result, both the look and how it operates. We’re sure the celebrities who visit will be too!

We just wrapped up our most recent MMR training, and PJ was honored to be invited to be involved in the project at Goldener Hirsch Hotel, and oversee the installation to make sure it all went smoothly.

Summit Automation is proud to recognize the contributions of our over 30 MMRs and well over 100 installers working with us, and we welcome more to join the team. We’ve done projects in similar locations such as Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride.

Thank you to the Goldener Hirsch property for their support while we completed this project! We look forward to more similar projects in the future!

Goldener Hirsh property
Goldener Hirsh

Some Beautiful Doors From Around the World

Architecture without doors… It doesn’t make sense, does it? Doors are openings meant to connect spaces. Sometimes, the doors and the spaces they lead to are much more remarkable than we could imagine!

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Italy

This location is well-known for its contribution to history as well as its stateliness. The 35-foot-high Great Door stands guard at the entrance. The intricate designs let one and all know how skilled the creators of this door really were.

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Italy
Dwarka India's Dwarakadhisa Temple Door

Dwarka, India’s Dwarakadhisa Temple Door

Have you heard “Haree Krishna”? Sure you have! Did you know the Dwarakadhisa Templein India and its magnificent door was dedicated to Lord Krishna? At 24 feet tall, the beautifully carved door made of wood exquisitely encapsulates the art and spirituality of India.

Caserta, Italy’s Royal Palace

Often referred to as the Italian Versailles, this location has many magnificent attributes, including the doors to enter. Elegance and grandeur meet any visitor with the 38 feet high doors which are made of bronze and have exquisite detail.

Caserta, Italy's Royal Palace
Spain's Seville Cathedral

Spain’s Seville Cathedral

Architecture and history meet at this historical structure. Within it stands the Prince’s Door, standing at an impressive 28 feet. It’s made of solid wood and has intricate carvings and delicate detail.

Iraq’s Great Mosque in Samarra

The Abbasid Dynasty boasts wonderful architecture, and The Great Mosque of Samarra is an example to behold. The door that leads worshippers to the prayer hall is incredible at 57 feet tall. It is one of the highest doors ever made, and its lovely patterns and Arabic inscriptions reveal the true artistry of those who created it.

While we recognize the functional purpose of these magnificent doors, we also admire the beautiful craftsmanship that went into each one and the culture they represent.

Iraq's Great Mosque in Samarra