News From IBS and New Products!

Summit Automation participated in the IBS show which was held in Las Vegas this year. We had 14 motors installed across the showroom, and our signature Summit shirts, worn by our amazing staff, were seen all over the show as we dashed around to OEM booths answering questions about our automation systems. Thank you to our incredible team and the MMRs who came out, and helped with the installs at various booths and showed support too – we appreciate you beyond measure! Setup took a few days, but it was well worth the 3 days of our innovative, cutting-edge systems being on working display for all to see.

There were tens of thousands who attended, and during the first day of exhibiting, we actually ran out of business cards due to hundreds being interested in our automation solutions. Next time, we’ll bring more! We really enjoyed working with our OEM partners, and were so happy to hear that some of them saw more than a 50% increase in foot traffic because our systems were featured in their booths. Summit always enjoys working with our door manufacturing partners, and we are so pleased to know our automation systems attracted more attention to their displays at IBS.

While at IBS, we also unveiled both a 16-foot pivot door automation system with our ultra-high torque pivot door automation system and first ever Lift & Slide solution for doors. Check out the video to learn more about exactly what the latter does. We didn’t show our automated Tilt Up window, but stay tuned for more information on that Summit innovation. There’s another trend making its way to the door and window automation industry – be sure to watch PJ’s video (linked below) to learn more about it and how we’re ahead of the curve.

PJ Gruetzmacher

International Builders’ Show 2024 Highlights

The 2024 IBSs show was held in Las Vegas and commanded millions of square feet of the convention center. It showcased the latest products offered in the building supply space from hundreds of exhibitors. Over 200,000 attendees walked the show to learn about the latest and greatest in the industry.

Summit Automation and our MMRs installed 14 motor systems in several exhibitor booths so both attendees and exhibiting companies could see our solutions in action. Even after installation, we made sure a member of our team was available to each door manufacturer during the show, supporting them and helping answer any technical questions about our automation systems.

Arcadia Custom and Summit Automation at IBS 2024
Panda Windows & Doors and Summit Automation at IBS 2024

Our first ever Ultra High Torque (UHT) pivot motor was on display, as well as our first ever automated lift & slide and a radius motorized bi-parting multi-slide system. IBS was a great opportunity for us to show off these new innovations our incredible team was able to bring to life. We also had a variety of large door multi-slides and other pivot door systems on display throughout the show.

Probably the most popular attraction at IBS was the The New American Home (TNAH). There was a 2-hour wait for the 45-minute tour where attendees and exhibitors alike could see the numerous motors Summit had installed. The 90-degree cornerless door systems and pocketing window systems were especially interesting to those who took the tour.

Summit Automation had a very successful showing at IBS 2024, debuting 3 new products this year. We expect to debut 3 more even before the 2025 show rolls around, and plan to have them on display at IBS 2025!

Summit Automation team dinner
Summit Automation team photo

Summit Automation Announced Two Innovative Solutions at the 2024 NAHB’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas

Summit Automation announced two never-before-seen automation solutions for Lift & Slide doors and windows, as well as Tilt Up Pass Through windows.

“Our engineering team has been working on solving two automation challenges in home automation, and I am delighted to reveal that both systems have been rigorously tested and are now available to the building sector worldwide,” said Patrick (PJ) Gruetzmacher, CEO of Summit Automation.

Summit Automation’s new Lift & Slide system allows for automatic lifting and lowering of doors and windows to seal and provide superior thermal performance. In addition, there are no handles (which gives a clean minimalistic look), and it uses existing Siegenia mechanical hardware.

The new Automated Tilt Up Pass Through Window system features out-of-the-way actuators concealed in the closed position and visible near the top of the window in the open position. Summit Automation’s system allows for safe operation without having to reach over counters to throw locks, plus it is fast and quiet.

As with all other systems from Summit Automation, the two new solutions are crafted right here in the USA, and are fully integrated with other home automation components and smart homes to provide ease, convenience, elegance, and a touch of luxury to homes and businesses.

We are going to take orders for the Tilt-Up Window Automation System starting July 1, 2024
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Lift & Slide system
Automated Tilt Up Pass Through Window

When the Sleeper Wakes… He Found What?!

In 1899, HG Wells’ When the Sleeper Wakes was published. It first came out as a serial, then a book, and revolved around a deeply distressed English man with insomnia. All of the sudden, he falls into a sleep-like trance, and stays that way for over two centuries.

During that time, investments are made in his name that make him the most powerful and wealthy man on Earth, but that money has been used to create and maintain a hierarchical society. Those in the lower echelons want nothing more than “the sleeper” to awaken and help them escape that society for good.

What is especially interesting about this book – as has been seen with other works by HG Wells – is that he came up with something to use in his story that hadn’t been invented yet and wouldn’t be for several decades. The things he came up with were not even a glimmer in anyone’s eye, as far as history has been able to determine. In the case of When the Sleeper Wakes, Wells used the idea of a sliding door. The door we’re referring to in the 1899 book actually slid up into the ceiling, and it did so through an automated solution!

It’s pretty incredible to think that HG Wells had many such revolutionary “predictions” in his writings; lasers and atomic weapons are two others. It wouldn’t be until 1954 that the first sliding automatic door was invented (and we’ll tell you about that in our next newsletter).

When the Sleeper Wakes