Summit Automation Newsletter – March 2021

News and Updates from Summit

Summit Automation has a lot of news and updates to share! Before we do though, as always, we want to thank our amazing Customers, Associates, and Dealers/Installers for making the 4th quarter of 2020 as successful as can be expected in such an unprecedented time.  We know that without all of your support and dedication, we would not be the finest automated door company in the industry.

The last quarter of 2020 saw us expanding our Master Manufacturing Representatives (dealers) across the United States and internationally:

  • CHI Builders (existing dealer in southern California) added a 3rd office in the Palm Springs / LaQuinta area
  • NEW IN USA – Scott Carpentry in North Carolina and South Carolina
  • NEW IN USA – Clerestory in Georgia
  • NEW INTERNATIONAL – Cantex Industries in Quebec, Canada
  • NEW INTERNATIONAL – ICON in New Zealand and Australia
  • NEW INTERNATIONAL – Preferro in Netherlands

We would like to congratulate CHI Builders on their expansion, and welcome our new Summit automated door systems representatives to the family!

There’s a new product on the horizon – revolutionized by Summit and requested by our valued Customers! Our 6-in-1 switch will be available in about 4-6 weeks, and incorporates several new features. While there will be a slight upcharge for these new options, we are sure you’ll find the convenience, security, and COVID-safe elements well worth it! You can learn more about the 6-in-1 below.

For months, the entire Summit team had been gearing up for the February 2021 International Builders Show (IBSx), the largest expo in the world for the housing industry. In October, we were notified the show would be held virtually, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Exhibiting at a virtual expo still takes months of preparation, so we made the necessary adjustments to our plan, and continued to work hard, excited for the upcoming event. Unfortunately, when IBSx was supposed to start, there were serious technical issues on the show’s side that could not be resolved, forcing it to be canceled. All of us exhibitors, having invested time, money, and other resources to prepare for IBSx, were extremely disappointed that the show turned out this way. For us, this was our very first expo being an exhibitor. While we understand such difficulties can occur, we were really looking forward to meeting new potential Dealers and Customers to add to our Summit family.

As you can see, we’ve been very busy the past several months! Once again, we would like to thank our family of Customers, Associates, and Installers/Dealers. You all are integral to our success. Let’s continue this forward momentum and energy throughout 2021!

New from Summit – Our 6-in-1 Wall Switch

We have some exciting news to share! By popular request from our valued Customers, we have updated one of our products – our 8-button wall switch – to include several new and innovative features.

With the current switch, you can turn on or off, as well as auto-open and auto-close, your automated door. The new updated and upgraded switch, in addition to those capabilities, adds some convenience, COVID-safe, and security elements.

Our new 6-in-1 switch has timer and locking capabilities, allowing you to keep your door unlocked for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. This feature is activated with a simple 2-button combination. For those without an external keypad, you could – for example – set this option, then take a walk without needing to bring along your phone to enable re-entry.

The new 6-in-1 switch offers:

Auto Open – With the new timer function you may set 2,4,6, or 8 hours timer or toggle the mode on or off.  Many of our Customers find this mode very useful, because it allows guests to gain entry without touching the keypad.  When party mode has been activated by the homeowner and a guest approaches, the motion sensor triggers the automated door to open, then after 5 seconds and the sensor is clear, the door self-closes.  Since we are all still living with COVID-19, Summit’s party mode remains in high demand. The timer can also be considered a security feature, in the case of a homeowner forgetting to turn off party mode. When the programmed time expires, the door goes back into lock mode, and to be opened again, the open/close button must be pressed.

Self-Close Mode – Press OPEN on the wall switch and the door opens and then after a 5 second delay, the door self-closes if the motion sensor is clear.

Proximity Sensor – The updated switch also has a proximity sensor built inside. This is yet another innovation requested by our Customers, due to COVID-19. Some Customers do not wish to have motion sensors but still wanted the functionality of opening a door without touching the switch.  So, when the door is in Auto Open Mode, simply wave your hand in front of the switch to activate the system to open the door.  This feature eliminates having two switches as they are now combined.

Summit Automation’s new 6-in-1 switch will be available in about 4-6 weeks, and there will be a slight upcharge to add all of these new, beneficial, practical, versatile, and advanced aspects to your door operating system. We are proud to be able to offer so many incredible features that our Customers have requested!

“Summit’s software and technology have advanced beyond everyone
else in the industry, and they always look for ways to push ahead.”

Richard Clark
CEO, CHI Builders, Inc.

With Summit, You Can Have It All
Elegance, Convenience, COVID-Safety, and Security

Every home you see has much in common with those surrounding it – one of which is a way to enter the structure. Doors all serve the same function and purpose. While one might not think there is a way to add stylishness and refinement to this standard item on the builder’s list, Summit has the solution – automate the door.

Once thought of as a fancy, unnecessary, extra expenditure, door automation is now in high demand, due to the pandemic. Being able to open and close doors without touching a keypad brings reassurance to homeowners and visitors alike.

Added peace of mind comes from state-of-the-art security that an automated door system provides. The latest upgrade to the Summit solution – rolling out in April 2021 – includes timer and locking functions that can even work together. Not only can the homeowner choose to have the door unlocked and engage auto-open / auto-close for certain time periods (we call it “party mode”), but once the chosen time interval has lapsed, the system goes back into locked status. This feature ensures door security even if someone forgot to disengage auto-open / auto-close.

In addition, we have integrated a new proximity sensor usable in auto-open mode, which allows the door to be opened with just a wave of the hand – no touching buttons required. These new features were born out of Customer feedback and concerns related to the persistent COVID-19 situation.

Style, peace-of-mind, and enhanced security aren’t the only reasons to consider a Summit automated door system. The convenience factor is also an advantage to having such a system for the door to your home. Having a door that can open and close according to a programmed setting has many applications. When guests are expected, use Summit’s party mode to allow access to your home touch free. When your arms are full of grocery bags, it’s incredibly handy to have the door “see” you coming, then close 5 seconds later after you’ve cleared the sensor. Taking the dog for a short walk or going to the mailbox is a much more pleasant experience without having to remember your smartphone to let you back into the house. These are just a few examples shared with us by Customers who appreciate the convenience our systems bring to their lives.

Automated doors add a touch of elegance while being versatile, adding practical benefits, and bringing peace of mind to everyone in the household.

New Strategic Alliances

An integral part of our growth and expansion is the establishment of strategic alliances with industry leaders. Recently, we have announced three important partnerships with the following companies:

CHI Builders has opened a new branch of its Southern California Division in Palm Desert to serve Customers in the surrounding area. By establishing a physical presence, CHI Builders is now able to provide real-time support and automation solutions to local builders and architects.

We announced a new strategic alliance with Solar Innovations to jointly offer large window and door automation solutions. Automating very large windows and doors has been a challenge in the past, but with Summit’s motors and full systems, this can be accomplished successfully to offer convenience and security to Customers.

As part of our international expansion plan, Summit and Cantex have established a strategic partnership to provide automation to large glass fixtures in Quebec, Canada.


We recently held another training class recently, and we have added these new MMR candidates to the field. Thanks for coming out to learn from Summit Automation! Feel free to register with your Territory Sales Manager for either a group training session or your personal team’s training session. We like to have 3+ trainees in each class but we can accommodate around your needs. The training classes are four hours of education, followed by four hours of hands on training/installation.

No other company can compare to the quality, reliability, and Customer care of Summit Automation.

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